Jumping exercises for Basketball

A strong vertical leap can help a lot to improve performance in several sports for athletes. First and foremost for every exercise along with hard work and proper routine for these exercises, you must possess explosive power and strength.

Secondly before starting with the workout, measure the current vertical jump. Stand near a wall and mark the point on it as far as one hand can go. Jump in the same position that is with a raise hand at least thrice and mark the point where finger of the raise hand hit the wall. The distance between is the measure value of the two verticals jumps. Now you can follow four easier workouts to increase vertical leap in minimal time with positive progress. I suggest also to read jump manual,because it is the best jump trainging course for basketball players.


  1. Stretching

Stretching is basically a warmup which includes stretches of the body muscles to explode energy. This expands body for the greater range of motion requires for the next following exercise and explosives higher leaps. With time muscles in the body permanently lengthen and become flexible to stretch out very easily.

  1. Squats

Squats improve power and ability of vertical jump. Squats stretch muscles around the abdomen and back. Basic squat exercise comprises of bending knees with a straight neck and erect neck. It requires feet apart and heals to be flat on the ground and lower the body as far as one can and then lift back to the starting position. Perform in at least 10 sets. Getting apt in basic squat could then be followed by lifting weights and rising up holding same weights with arms straighten up towards the ceiling. Continue reading