Every player loves to shoot basketball because shooting makes players stand out in the team. Shooting is the most important part in basketball game. If the player can’t shoot, a score cannot be made. The ability to make good shoots requires lots of practice therefore this skill is most practiced. To become a superb shooter, player must have a proper shooting form and mechanics.

Following are some basketball shooting tips to excel in shooting.

  • An effective shooter should be poise and compose. It is the foundation for a successful shooting. Maintaining physical and mental stability is more important. This includes body balance, relaxation, concentration and discipline in the player.
  • Another one of the keys to be great shooter is to have focus during a game. If players lack confidence then he will not have an idea of that which place in the court is suitably best to perform shooting. This lack of focus can cost team severely and the team will not be able to have victories which they had wished.shooting
  • Don’t be distracted. A great shooter must not let his mind distracted away from the game and ball with little things. The payers must realize that defense is out in the court and is their biggest hurdles. They cannot afford to be distracted and lose basketball.
  • Be confident because confidence greatly impacts on the game. Confidence comes from a mind free from doubts. Only a confident player can deliver ball aplomb in the ring and score a goal, making a huge contribution in the victory of the team.
  • Concentrate towards shooting to score a point. Don’t waste chances to attempt just to shoot.
  • To move with accuracy, eyes should be on the target that is rim. Locate it as early as possible to plan the move to shoot. Don’t be a ball watcher. Instead the sight should be directed to the target (rim).
  • Balancing the body as fast is a secret for a good shooting. Feet should be should be width apart for good balance. Player should not rush when taking shoot. A shot must be a synchronized action and should be smoothly.
  • Position is very important. Shooting foot should be ahead of the non-shooting foot. Line up feet in the exact same way every time on every shot. Point feet in the direction of the basketball. Bend knees on every shot. Position ball above waist and grip the ball properly to shoot.
  • Hand position is very important for delivery. The ball should come off the hand with a backspin. Line up finger tips parallel to the seams of palm to monitor back spin. Non shooting hand should be on the side of basketball. Balance hand comfortably to not add force or spin to the shot.
  • Keep everything straight. Have full extension and hold follow through high by releasing the ball at the top of the jump. Don’t dip or hitch and motion towards the basket. Create backspin on every shot.