To become a better athlete from a good one, it’s important to practice consistently to take basketball skills to new heights and the game to next level. The more athletes train their mind and body for handling basketball comfortably, the more excellently they will perform during the game. Below are some helpful and great basketball tips to improve basketball.

Basketball tips to better the game

  1. Ball handling and dribbling

Ball handling is the most important skill in the game, and will always be. Dribbling, passing and shooting becomes natural when athletes become comfortable in manipulating basketball. Don’t look downward toward the balls because looking down can cost severely therefore always be head up. The best position to play safe while handling and dribbling is low position. Practice with bent knees and straight back. Use hands actively to block defender smartly. Use finger tips to control and hold the ball. Increase game speed by practicing fast. Develop power dribbles and then eventually crossing basketball from one hand to another and run along the ball in the court.

  1. Passing

Passing is appropriately throwing basketball to the open player smartly. Use both hands to have more control and put weight into pass for proper speed on the ball. Put backspin on the ball to make your pass easier to get by the team player. Pass to the teammate that is away from the aggressive defender. Use bounce and chest pass to dodge and transfer basketball.

  1. Shooting

Shooting basketball is serious requiring proper mechanics to make ball reach the basket and to minimize the chances of shoots to be block. Start practicing shooting with a small height that is with a bending knees and then slowly moving over to shoot with a straight back and hands in the air. Make sure that when shooting, elbows should point towards the rim and extend arm fully when reached at the peak of the shoot. Follow through with straight arms, loose wrist and finger hanging down.

  1. Defense

Defense impacts game greatly. Always be in good position. Move with feet apart, never get feet close together or cross over. The best position to play defense is from a low position. Keep legs bent, this makes easier to jump high and gaining leverage in the post. Always keep eyes on the players, not on the ball. Don’t get trap in the opponent’s fake balls, read their body language to know their next step. Use hands to get in ways of the opponent.

Don’t forget that the most competitive of players had spent every day working hardest.