Basketball tactics help players and coaches to improve basketball game dramatically. It consists of defensive and offensive strategies.

Defensive strategies

Zone Defense: Basketball court is divided into variety of zone defenses such as 2-3 zone, 3-2 zone, 1-3-1 zone etcetera. The basic rule follows in defense zone is that defender guards defense zones but not a player. When a basketball player comes with a ball in defense zones, the defender guards that player that is offender. He will defend that player until the ball is passed or player moves to other areas in the court. Defender takes out offence out of their comfort stance to shoot or pass basketball. Defender should be aware of basic rules of these zones and to be train in shifting, moving a ball.basketball-tactic

Man-to-Man Defense:

Play hard defense. Good defense always win many basketball games. The key of good defense is to stay between the loop and the player enters in the defense zone. In other words defender should come between offense player and the basket. Guard the player in low position with an evenly balance weight. Don’t stand on a flat foot; a defender should stand on the balls of his feet. Don’t swipe quickly with hands because this increase the chances of fouls or an offensive player can get pass around defender quickly. If offensive player is quick then guard defense zone from front and outside of offense player’s shooting range. This will give defender some time to stop offender going around.

The next important tip for defender is to know offensive player tactile sense. Know offender strengths and weaknesses and pay concentration to his moves if he is good shooter and stay close to him. Watch his eyes because they tell about the direction of passing a basketball dribbling in his hand. In case if offensive player is good dribbler then stay away from him at a couple of steps. If he is right handed player then over-guard him right side and force him to use his left side for dribbling.

Don’t underestimate offensive player. He could play a fake head, eye or shoulder fake. In order to prevent defender form being trap in their fakes, watch his belly-button. It always goes in the direction they are moving.

Offensive strategies:

There are many strategies to beat zone defense. Defense player can be tired when basketball is move quickly from side to side by offensive player in a swinging way. In this way defender will exert more energy to avoid ball for passing or shooting. A tired defender can be easily off-guard and therefore offensive player can pass by through defender towards the loop.

Offence player can drive towards the basket and kick the ball to shooter to make a basket. This is a direct attack towards the defense zone because defender got fail stopping offense player to score. Another successful technique to drive to the basket is that offense player can draw one or two defenders by attempting an offensive player with a ball to the basket. This will collapse defense zone, leaving an opening shooter to score a point on the perimeter.

Another strategy is called pick and roll. This technique requires setting a good screen and when offensive players team mate dribbles and is blocked by defender, then to help him make a roll that is moving team mates balls to the basket. In tight situations like in the presence of aggressive defender, bounce pass is often helpful strategy for an offensive player. It’s actually two passes, one hit to the player and other pass to the offensive team mate. When bounce pass hit on the floor, it actually hit at the feet of defender to create difficulty for him to snatch offensive player’s ball. This pass is easily catchable by the team mates and the ball lands softly into his hands.