Jumping exercises for Basketball

A strong vertical leap can help a lot to improve performance in several sports for athletes. First and foremost for every exercise along with hard work and proper routine for these exercises, you must possess explosive power and strength.

Secondly before starting with the workout, measure the current vertical jump. Stand near a wall and mark the point on it as far as one hand can go. Jump in the same position that is with a raise hand at least thrice and mark the point where finger of the raise hand hit the wall. The distance between is the measure value of the two verticals jumps. Now you can follow four easier workouts to increase vertical leap in minimal time with positive progress. I suggest also to read jump manual,because it is the best jump trainging course for basketball players.


  1. Stretching

Stretching is basically a warmup which includes stretches of the body muscles to explode energy. This expands body for the greater range of motion requires for the next following exercise and explosives higher leaps. With time muscles in the body permanently lengthen and become flexible to stretch out very easily.

  1. Squats

Squats improve power and ability of vertical jump. Squats stretch muscles around the abdomen and back. Basic squat exercise comprises of bending knees with a straight neck and erect neck. It requires feet apart and heals to be flat on the ground and lower the body as far as one can and then lift back to the starting position. Perform in at least 10 sets. Getting apt in basic squat could then be followed by lifting weights and rising up holding same weights with arms straighten up towards the ceiling. Continue reading


Every player loves to shoot basketball because shooting makes players stand out in the team. Shooting is the most important part in basketball game. If the player can’t shoot, a score cannot be made. The ability to make good shoots requires lots of practice therefore this skill is most practiced. To become a superb shooter, player must have a proper shooting form and mechanics.

Following are some basketball shooting tips to excel in shooting.

  • An effective shooter should be poise and compose. It is the foundation for a successful shooting. Maintaining physical and mental stability is more important. This includes body balance, relaxation, concentration and discipline in the player.
  • Another one of the keys to be great shooter is to have focus during a game. If players lack confidence then he will not have an idea of that which place in the court is suitably best to perform shooting. This lack of focus can cost team severely and the team will not be able to have victories which they had wished.shooting
  • Don’t be distracted. A great shooter must not let his mind distracted away from the game and ball with little things. The payers must realize that defense is out in the court and is their biggest hurdles. They cannot afford to be distracted and lose basketball.
  • Be confident because confidence greatly impacts on the game. Confidence comes from a mind free from doubts. Only a confident player can deliver ball aplomb in the ring and score a goal, making a huge contribution in the victory of the team.
  • Concentrate towards shooting to score a point. Don’t waste chances to attempt just to shoot.
  • To move with accuracy, eyes should be on the target that is rim. Locate it as early as possible to plan the move to shoot. Don’t be a ball watcher. Instead the sight should be directed to the target (rim). Continue reading


To become a better athlete from a good one, it’s important to practice consistently to take basketball skills to new heights and the game to next level. The more athletes train their mind and body for handling basketball comfortably, the more excellently they will perform during the game. Below are some helpful and great basketball tips to improve basketball.

Basketball tips to better the game

  1. Ball handling and dribbling

Ball handling is the most important skill in the game, and will always be. Dribbling, passing and shooting becomes natural when athletes become comfortable in manipulating basketball. Don’t look downward toward the balls because looking down can cost severely therefore always be head up. The best position to play safe while handling and dribbling is low position. Practice with bent knees and straight back. Use hands actively to block defender smartly. Use finger tips to control and hold the ball. Increase game speed by practicing fast. Develop power dribbles and then eventually crossing basketball from one hand to another and run along the ball in the court.

  1. Passing

Passing is appropriately throwing basketball to the open player smartly. Use both hands to have more control and put weight into pass for proper speed on the ball. Put backspin on the ball to make your pass easier to get by the team player. Pass to the teammate that is away from the aggressive defender. Use bounce and chest pass to dodge and transfer basketball. Continue reading


Basketball tactics help players and coaches to improve basketball game dramatically. It consists of defensive and offensive strategies.

Defensive strategies

Zone Defense: Basketball court is divided into variety of zone defenses such as 2-3 zone, 3-2 zone, 1-3-1 zone etcetera. The basic rule follows in defense zone is that defender guards defense zones but not a player. When a basketball player comes with a ball in defense zones, the defender guards that player that is offender. He will defend that player until the ball is passed or player moves to other areas in the court. Defender takes out offence out of their comfort stance to shoot or pass basketball. Defender should be aware of basic rules of these zones and to be train in shifting, moving a

Man-to-Man Defense:

Play hard defense. Good defense always win many basketball games. The key of good defense is to stay between the loop and the player enters in the defense zone. In other words defender should come between offense player and the basket. Guard the player in low position with an evenly balance weight. Don’t stand on a flat foot; a defender should stand on the balls of his feet. Don’t swipe quickly with hands because this increase the chances of fouls or an offensive player can get pass around defender quickly. If offensive player is quick then guard defense zone from front and outside of offense player’s shooting range. This will give defender some time to stop offender going around.

The next important tip for defender is to know offensive player tactile sense. Know offender strengths and weaknesses and pay concentration to his moves if he is good shooter and stay close to him. Watch his eyes because they tell about the direction of passing a basketball dribbling in his hand. In case if offensive player is good dribbler then stay away from him at a couple of steps. If he is right handed player then over-guard him right side and force him to use his left side for dribbling. Continue reading